ain't that a bitch.

wow. it only takes staying up until 2am to update this livejournal bullshit without it fucking up.

i'm going to seattle tomorrow for a much needed vacation. thank fucking god. i cancelled that shitty aol account and now i'm on earthlink, which at least doesn't have the lag aol did.

i can't believe that me, in this era of broadband and dsl, stooped so low that i got dialup. and not even just dialup, aol dialup.

i'm a fuck.
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god, i hate livejournal.

this site is a piece of shit. how the fuck am i supposed to add a memory? i click on "memories" and it only lists them.

add to that this thing is goddamn slow and inconsistent. oh and i checked the box that says "hide friends" and it still shows them. so i unchecked it and it still shows them! this thing rocks. when basic features don't work, it makes me randy.

why am i using it you ask? i'm not a hypocrite. honestly. i do not stand for hypocracy. however, i only did this so i can add "friends", "friends" can add me, and i can plug my site from here.

so go to my site. which is cleaner, faster, and better than this trash.

fuck all.
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